The Vine Christian Academy

Mission Statement

The mission of The Vine Christian Academy is to educate students with the transforming truth of Christ, academic excellence and Godly character and integrity in faith pursuits. We accomplish our mission by being committed to hiring, developing and retaining individuals who are spiritually mature, academically accomplished in their fields and skilled at providing guidance by modeling Christ like character.

School Motto

“Faith, Education and Character”

Vision Statement:

The Vine Christian Academy, not only educates but also trains and equips our students to be outstanding citizens in our community. This is founded on biblical truth and the extension of Christ’s love through relationships.

We believe teachers should demonstrate a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and build a strong relationship with students.

Statement of Values:

The Following are the core values that drive the decision-making process at TVCA

1. Godly Integrity

2.Prayerful decision making

3. Adherence to the authority of God’s word

4. Relationships based on unconditional love

5.Christ-centered Instruction/ Curriculum

6. Academic Excellence

7. Christ-like Servant Hood